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Last day of PE 4

September of 2011 when my left knee was sprained. It lasted for a month and after removing the cast, it still swells. I have to endure the pain and all the uneasiness just to attend my classes. 

And now, here comes PE 4 (Team Sports). Luckily, my friends and I got Ms. Sapiera who teaches basketball. I told her as early as the first meeting that I may not be able to participate in the game because of my condition (I’m just afraid that I might be injured again haha but I in my heart, I really really really wanna play:) ). She’s so considerate and told me that it’s fine.

Because of my eagerness to play (not to learn, just play), I did all my very best to be careful so that nothing will ever happen to me again. Sessions passed and nothing dreadful happened to me (Thank God!).

Feb 10, 2012 was our first actual game and our team lost :(. Well, the opponent is really amazing. But of course our team captain Ces de Castro was more encouraged to teach us different skills and everything about BB :D. We took trainings to enhance our skills and I even asked my dad to teach me MORE (that’s how eager I am). 

But I guess the fate to win wasn’t on our side. Again, we lost in the 2nd Game (super fail.shit really happens).

I am just so overwhelmed when Ms. S pointed me and acknowledged me for being the MIP (Most Igot Player according to my crazy friends hahahaha but it’s actually Most Improved Player). Igot is a Bikol term for the word eager. I really felt like flying :))))) I’m not expecting this much but I guess this is the reward of having my self-confidence back and taking the risk just to prove that I can do what others can.

Photo below: